“With Lounge Atelier seating furniture you feel really timeless”

The best seating furniture directly from the manufacturer

Dutch furniture manufacturer Lounge Atelier decides to deliver directly to the consumer

Family-owned Lounge Atelier, which has manufactured forty years of sheep’s leather furniture in the highest quality class, decides to deliver directly to the consumer. The company is known as one of the best sheep’s leather furniture manufacturer in Europe.

We are proud of our workmanship, but most importantly we find the wishes and comfort of the customer. We ensure that you get exactly what you’re dreaming of: a handmade piece of furniture of durable top quality, to the smallest details adapted to your preferences.” – Rob Groenendijk, Director Lounge Atelier

“I still enjoy my Lounge Atelier armchair every day. A place in the living room where I can really relax and relax”

Pieter Groen – 52

Lifelong seating comfort

1. Long-term quality

The armchairs are known to maintain their seating comfort for 30 years

2. Top quality sheepskin leather

From New Zealand pastures

3. Durable comfort

Sheep leather is a 100% natural product

4. Expertise

With over 40 years of experience, Lounge Atelier helps you choose the right armchair or sofa

5. Custom made

Guaranteed your dream armchair

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Quality of the leather

Why sheep’s leather?

Sheep leather is a fairly precious and soft leather that is used mainly for more exclusive furniture. The greatest benefit of sheep’s leather experience you as soon as you are eye-catching with our armchairs: the appearance, the character and the timeless class.

Our leather is from New Zealand, where the sheep have all the space to graze. During the processing process we use environmentally friendly, vegetable products. That makes our sheep’s leather 100% natural, very ‘green’ and durable.

Let yourself be inspired by our leather furniture

“The best leather furniture manufacturer of the Benelux”

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Our products:

Lounge Atelier has a wide collection of sheep’s leather armchairs, clubfauteuils, benches, hockers and dinner chairs. All models are hand-crafted in our Brabant leadership studio. Delivery time is 8 to 10 weeks.

The models below give you an impression of our collection. Of course, we would like to inform you about more models and possibilities, please feel free to contact us.

Thames armchair

An armchair of great class

The Thames model is our largest ear rest / wing chair, a model with high backrest. The wide seat and backrest with lumbar support immediately jump into the eye and result in an extremely comfortable lounge seat. In short, it’s a generous and exclusive top model with solid beech hull and strong interior suspension and singles. The sheep’s leather is handpatched and nailed in our own leather.

Product specifications:

  • Type: Hand-made armchair, type of ear armchair.
  • Material: Sheep leather. Also supplied in cow leather and exclusive fabrics
  • Dimensions:
  • Width 105 cm
  • Depth 98 cm
  • Heigth 105 cm
  • Seat height 46 cm
  • Seat depth 57 cm
  • Seat width 61 cm
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Canterbury clubfauteuil

For luxurious comfort, the Canterbury clubfauteuil is a perfect choice. It is a mature club hat with horizontal armrests for extra high carrying capacity. The Canterbury is studded with nodes that give this clubfaute a chic look. (Not to be confused with Chesterfield, with the knobs drawn deeper into the leather. The Canterbury looks much quieter). This model, which is our most labor-intensive model because all the wreaths need to be stitched, really shines with craftsmanship and craftsmanship.

Product specifications

  • Type: Handmade, bombed club club bull
  • Material: Sheep leather. Also supplied in cow leather and exclusive fabrics
  • Dimensions:
  • Width 85 cm
  • Depth 82 cm
  • Heigth 78 cm
  • Seat heigth 45 cm
  • Seat depth 53 cm
  • Seat width 48 cm
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