Personalized and handmade.


Lounge Atelier is an authentic Dutch family company which manufactures handmade sheep leather furniture. All products are made by hand in our workshop in Brabant, the Netherlands. The moment you sit down in one of our chairs you will immediately experience the quality of the product and its attention to comfort. If you want to experience this firsthand then we hope to welcome you in our showroom.

Our collection of products consists out of armchairs, club chairs, couches and stools. We also produce dining room chairs (which can be found under dining chairs). The delivery time is between 8 and 10 weeks.

Personalized and handmade

Due to over 40 years of experience and a passion for sheep leather furniture we uphold a very high standard. However, we like to raise the bar even further by completely tailoring the furniture to your needs (optional), this includes:

  • Comfort: the perfect armchair is tailored to your seating preference. This includes the height of the legs, seat width and/or seat depth, the shape of the front upper support section and the back height.
  • Color of the leather: We can fit your armchair with sheep leather leather in the colors residence (butter soft tan), chestnut brown, antique red and Tuscan red.
  • Color of the binding: You can choose from our color palette.
  • Leg color of the chair: You can choose between black, walnut, mahogany, cherry or RAL-colors. You can also use stands instead of legs.
  • Fitting: Our collection is, aside from sheep leather, available in bovine leather and exclusive fabrics.
  • Finishing: You can choose whether or not to finish off your product with pivots. The legs of the chair can also be complemented with copper wheels or socks.
  • Your logo on your furniture: We offer the possibility to print your logo on your armchairs, couches and other furniture.

Sheep leather: unique character

Why would you choose for sheep leather? There is one reason more important than any other: character. Upon entering our showroom you will see exactly what we mean by that and the moment you touch or sit in one of our products you will experience it.

By having a sheep leather armchair in your living room, dining room or office you make a statement of style. Sheep leather is timelessly classic, but can also be surprisingly modern when you opt for a contemporary design. This is what makes our furniture suitable for everyone with an eye for design and quality.

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