Tailor-made sheep leather seating furniture.

Tailor-made sheep leather seating furniture

Lounge Atelier is a family company which manufactures handmade sheep leather furniture. All products are made by hand in our workshop in Brabant, the Netherlands. The moment you sit down in one of our chairs you will immediately experience the quality of the product and the attention to comfort. If you want to experience this firsthand then we hope to welcome you in our showroom.

Our collection of products consists out of armchairs, club chairs, couches and stools. We also produce dining room chairs (which can be found under dining chairs). The delivery time is between 8 and 10 weeks.

Top-quality leather from Australia and New Zealand.

Our sheep leather comes from Australia and New Zealand. The vast green meadows provide the sheep with all the space they need to graze. This allows them to grow into healthy animals with large and strong skins of perfect thickness. The skins are available in different levels of quality. However we are only willing to use the best 20% for our furniture.

After the first inspection the skins are lightly burned in order to remove the last hairs. We never sand our skins because this might damage the top layers of the skin. Afterwards they are transported to France and tanned with botanical products. After a second quality-control the skins ,now AA quality, are ready to be transported to our workshop in Brabant.

A look into our workshop…

Due to having over 40 years of experience and a passion for sheep leather furniture we uphold a very high standard. However, we like to raise the bar even further by completely tailoring the furniture to your needs (optional), this includes:

  • The moment the skins arrive in our workshop the cutter sorts them by size. This way we mitigate the loss of cutting as much as possible. By means of templates, patterns are carved in the skin for the different types of armchairs.
  • In the meantime the frame builder gets started on the beech wood frame. This is done according to the specifications as given by the customer, guaranteeing the seating comfort.
  • The next step is to completely upholster the frame of chair. This is done by the upholsterer. The padding does not consist out of one layer, but seven. The polypress, crene, cosly, the polyether, washed cotton and eventually, of course, the sheep leather. The sheep leather is upholstered whilst wet by laying it in water for a few hours so it gets drenched. The upholstering is a difficult and time-consuming task which has to be done with the utmost precision. Only the best, most talented upholsterers are capable of fitting the leather perfectly, without creasing, on the furniture.
  • The furniture is put out to dry for 24 hours in a special drying room. During this time the leather shrinks by 8%, fitting it tightly around the frame.
  • During the last phases the new piece of furniture is patinated by hand using a natural stain (based on an old secret family recipe) and put back into the drying room. As a finishing touch the furniture is coated with a white beeswax.

How are our club chairs built?

Have a look at the process.




Sawing room



Drying room

Varnish room

Varnishing 1

Varnishing 2



How are our club chairs built?

Every piece of furniture is unique

In our workshop every piece of furniture is made by hand. This is what makes our products unique. Aside from adjusting the seating height and the curve of the backrest, the “patinating” is also very important. During this process the furniture is dyed by hand with a stain. By applying the stain the right way, the natural characteristics of the leather appear. This is different for each skin and that too makes your furniture unique.


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